One of the most intriguing Scripture verses to me includes the apostle Paul’s mandate to preach the gospel of Yahshua the Christ to the Gentiles-not Jews.  The main element Paul wanted the Gentiles to grasp was that the hope of glory-the hope that the world will see the awesome amazingness of Yahshua, is within you through the presence, position and power of the Holy Spirit. 

To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.  Colossians 1:27

Unfortunately, the availability of the Christ anointing for most only resides within Yahshua when He walked this earth some 2000 plus years ago.  They didn’t get the memo that Yahshua asked the Father to give us another Helper, the Spirit of truth, Who would abide within us and make sense of this Christ life we are living.

So, to review, Yahshua was empowered by the Holy Spirit when He walked this earth, healing, performing miracles and forgiving folk’s sins.  Before He departed this physical realm to return to His throne at Yahweh’s right hand, He asked the Father to give us the Holy Spirit so that we could operate today as Yahshua did then.  The apostle Paul then declared that the only way for Yahshua to receive glory is to activate the Christ anointing within you.  Easy peasy!!!

While listening the other day to a friend preaching about Peter getting out of the boat and walking on the water with Yahshua, which was very insightful I might add, the Spirit drew my attention to this very idea.   The disciples/apostles relied so heavily on the Christ anointing within Yahshua that they were in danger of limiting the scope of Kingdom advancement.  Yahshua seemed to want to give them a very real object lesson by demonstrating the power of the Christ within himself by walking on the water.  When asked to join Him, Peter so believed in the power of the Christ anointing within Yahshua, that he exited the boat believing that He, too, could transcend natural laws through the Christ anointing…and He did!!!!  However, I believe there was a point that Peter had to rely on the Christ within himself, rather than the Holy Spirit’s power within Yahshua, and that’s when He began to sink.

Today’s message of grace-Yahweh’s divine, internal empowerment, is being preached throughout the body of Christ and yet many are still sinking in the despair of a powerless and purposeless life.  Mostly, in my opinion, because it’s easier to relegate the anointing of Christ to Yahshua in yesteryear than to receive and activate the anointing in one’s life today.  The religious can sing and preach about what Yahshua did and ignore what He wants to do today if the body of Christ would receive this simple, revelational truth-Christ in you is the hope of glory!!!