The following blog post is an excerpt from a manuscript written by Apostle F. Nolan Ball, The Rock of Panama City.  The content of the messages preached in the late 90’s were aired on the radio and are now being prepared for a futuristic book, “Preach the Word”.

The Scriptures are full of references to individuals preaching the gospel and changing the situation around them.  They saw a situation that was in contradiction to the Father’s Kingdom being established in the earth; they heard Yahweh’s Word concerning that situation; they released His Word into the earth by speaking His specific Rhema word.  By this, I mean they did not preach a text of Scripture that appeared to apply to the situation at hand, but instead they, by the Holy Spirit, discerned Yahweh’s Word about that particular situation and proclaimed it.

TheRockofNorthwestArkansasYahweh responds to a bad situation by doing what He has always done.  He responded by sending His Word; He responded by someone hearing His Word and getting up in the most discouraging circumstance and began to speak the Word of the Lord.  Yahweh absolutely has faith in His spoken Word.  Whenever He wants to correct a situation, He always sends a preacher, more accurately, one to preach His Word for that particular situation.

In the words of Isaiah, Yahweh is always looking for a man, a man sensitive to hear the voice of Yahweh, a man of faith, a man of boldness, a man who will took chaos, confusion, devastation and hopelessness squarely in the face and, by preaching, release the Word of His power.

Do you know how the engineers and builders of suspension bridges (those that are attached to and held in place by cables) put tremendously large and heavy cables into place?  Those supporting cables are put into place by a process that begins with stringing a very light line being strung in place between the supports at each end of the bridge.  That small line is then used to pull a larger and heavier line into place.  This procedure is repeated with increasingly larger lines until the necessary one is in place.  

The Scriptures do not talk about the power of Yahweh’s Word, rather it speaks of the Word of His power.  Look at the preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom as that small line that provided a pathway for the giant cable to follow.  The power of Yahweh is not in words, but the Word preached becomes the channel through which Yahweh’s power flows.  Without that first line, there would be no giant cable in place; without the preached Word there will not be a flow of Yahweh’s wisdom, power and glory.