The seed of Yahweh’s Word planted into a good and honest heart will reap an abundant harvest and give the Sower a bountiful return on His investment. Apostle F. Nolan Ball once introduced the idea that Yahweh in not as much a giver as an investor. A giver is willing to give without any expectation of a return, but an investor is looking for a return. Of course this is very well-illustrated in the parable of the unfaithful steward who disappointed the master by not investing the talents that were entrusted to him, but rather dug a whole in the earth for its safe keeping. Upon his return, the steward (Israel) was chastised by the Master (Yahweh) for not seeing the value of the talents (favor and blessing) entrusted to them as growing rather than diminishing. Just like the manna in the desert, its value was only as rich as Israel’s right relationship with Yahweh’s instructions. Gather too much and it spoils, leave it too long and it disappears.

“The law of diminishing returns is an economic principle stating that as investment in a particular area increases, the rate of profit from that investment, after a certain point, cannot continue to increase if other variables remain at a constant. As investment continues past that point, the return diminishes progressively.” -©2000-2016 TechTarget

Without a constant willingness to change and grow, our fixation on one element of Kingdom expression, salvation for instance, will begin to yield a diminishing return until it has very little value at all. Isn’t this what we see within the body of Christ today? Because most view salvation as a free gift, which it is, and Yahweh as the benevolent giver, there is no view of blessing the giver and valuing the gift. Our view of the future then focuses on heaven one day (further blessing by the Giver without a return) and forgets the purpose of man as stewards in the earth and sons of Yahweh establishing His Kingdom in the earth today. We must continue to ascend upward with prophetic vision and passion, while also progressively moving forward in the earth per Yahweh’s ultimate intentions and plans.

Two very practical steps to invest in this every-increasing Kingdom are:

1. Take responsibility to change yourself. You’re not perfect so stop alibiing, justifying and rationalizing your insecurities and insufficiencies. When faced with correction, realize it is for direction and not destruction and change. Otherwise, you will experience the law of the diminishing return in your own life.

2. Don’t blame others for your lack of prosperity (moving forward) due to a diminishing return caused by your unwillingness to keep growing and maturing. To blame is lame!! Challenge yourself to excel by valuing what Yahweh values and invest in a “can’t miss” investment – the Kingdom of Christ.