The most popular subject circulating through the ranks of the organized and institutionalized church is the subject of grace.  Regardless of your definition of grace, and I’ve heard some really good ones, most of definitions contrast the grace of God through Yahshua with the law of Moses, and rightfully so.  The apostle Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians explained that if the ministry of condemnation and death, written and engraved on stones, could reveal and expand one’s view and estimation of Yahweh and why He created earth and man, then how much more revealing and illuminating would the ministry of the Spirit provide.  However, for this writing, I want to begin to introduce to you that the law of Moses is not the only law that Yahweh has given man.  And while grace is the key to separating man from the ‘law of sin and death’, the other laws that I will introduce over this series of blog entries, actually operate within grace.

The confusion can easily be remedied with the simple understanding that Yahweh’s covenant with Israel through Moses was to protect them, frustrate them and turn them toward their need for a Messiah-and subsequently the Holy Spirit.  The old covenant agreement between Yahweh and Israel was due to their immaturity and rebellious response to His Word and leadership.  This law was external and only created a desire with rewards and punishments-just the way we as parents ‘deal’ with our children within our own families.  Again, however, we finally come to a conclusion that it doesn’t work, but only frustrates our children and brings upheaval and enmity between us. What to do?

Enter, stage right, through Yahshua’s life and ministry: the law of the Spirit, the law of faith and the law of Christ.  The law of the Spirit pertains to knowing Yahweh’s heart and mind from the beginning of creation, what His original intent and design looked like and receiving constant and perpetual revelation about what He is doing in the earth and how He is resourcing this plan from His vast supply of heavenly assets (Key word-heart).  Given that faith is the currency of the Kingdom, the law of faith has everything to do with Yahweh’s kingdom economy being established in the earth as it already exists in the heavens.  Debt and bondage only exist in the earth, apart from Yahweh’s heavenly design.  Yahweh sent His Son, Yahshua, to eradicate debt and proceed with His original building instructions (Key word-economy).  The law of Christ addresses the relationships between Yahweh, ourselves and our fellow man.  One of the greatest obstacles to the Kingdom of Christ’s establishment is the debt and bondage that exists in relationships.  This law introduces grace beyond the normal positional definition and moves it into the functional aspects of everyday living (Key word-relationships).

My hope is to post blogs on each of these four laws:  flesh, Spirit, faith and Christ, over the next few months to cause us to realize that we are always under Yahweh’s law-it’s just how His Kingdom works.  Studying these laws will help us to move past the law of the flesh and move into the leadership of apostolic grace which will move us from a centralized government in our homes, businesses and churches, to a distribution center of family, marketplace ministry and a Spirit-empowered body of Christ.

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